• ...whether they be offender, ex-offender, victim, family member or member of the community.

    Prison Works Isle of Man

  • What we do.

    PrisonWorks is in the process of registering as a charity on the Isle of Man.


    We are also in the process of designing logos, building our website and setting up and running various programmes and initatives both in the Prison and in the community on the Island.


    We are doing all of this in conjunction with the Prison, Probation and Social Care on the Isle of Man and with a number of other organizations and charities both on the Island and from the U.K.


    We do not believe in working alone but in working together to see positive changes made inside ourselves and others that then lead to positive life choices that bring change on the outside.

  • Programmes

    Programmes that we are both offering and developing at this time include -

    A Programme of Restorative Justice and Victim Awareness

    A One-to-One Mentoring Programme for Ex-Offenders and Those at Risk of Offending

    A Programme that Helps Mums and Dads in Jurby Prison to Stay Connected with Their Children at Christmas